I always hate the end of vacations. We have been enjoying a wonderful week down here in Corolla and I do not want to leave tomorrow at all. In fact, it makes me grumpy thinking about it. Regardless, it’s been a great vacation and I will be sure to post plenty of pictures as soon as we get home to our decent internet connection.

A few highlights:
– Watching Carson, Thomas, and Will (my sister’s two boys) play together. There’s nothing like three little boys with sand, trucks, and balls… I have no clue what poor little Mary Grace will do with that threesome.
– Great food. The most cooking I did all week was throwing some frozen chicken nuggets in the oven for Carson (thanks mom).
– Awesome weather! Matt would have preferred to have a warmer ocean to swim in, but I love to be able to sit out on the beach without sweating profusely… especially in my preggo state.
– Getting addicted to Sudoku puzzles- I am SUCH a nerd.
– Watching Matt pull Carson around on the boogie board. My boy loves the water, even when it’s freezing.
– Intense Wii family competitions
– The ice cream truck. As fun as it was to watch Carson’s face light up as he devoured his ice cream, I have no clue what I’m going to do now as the ice cream truck makes its daily drive through our neighborhood this summer.

And some low points:
– After body surfing one day this week, Matt emerged from the water with blood dripping from his forehead and nose. Apparently he hit something (he swears it was not the sand– I think he just prefers to think he was a casualty of a shark attack) which knocked him silly. He now is sporting a big sexy scab on his nose and forehead.
– The last hour of our drive here. Carson was so over it that even bribing him with a Happy Meal didn’t stop the wailing.
– The three minutes I spent yesterday convinced that I had broken my foot. To make a long story short, I was proving to Matt that I would never allow my son to climb through a tunnel that he had dug in the sand, and in making my point, I nearly fractured my foot. Stupid move on my part, but I do what I’ve got to do to protect my baby from the wild ideas of his father.
– The long, black hair that was in Matt’s last bite of his meal tonight. This was our long awaited date night out alone, and we could hardly wait for some quality seafood, so The Hair was a very unwelcome visitor. Yuck!
– The thought of leaving tomorrow. I think I should just move down here, do Suduko puzzles on the beach all day long, and live off of fresh shrimp. I need to get working on that.

So, as Matt watches a painfully boring Orioles game, I’m off to get another load of laundry folded. It’s already starting to feel like home…