The time has officially come to say goodbye to this beauty:
After two long months of Matt’s car sitting in the driveway with a broken turbo, we were finally able to get it fixed today. It was not quite feasible for us to be a one car family for two months, so I am eternally grateful for Matt’s grandparents who loaned us their third car for the past two months. I am not kidding when I say that I will miss driving this car every Monday and Thursday. It drives well, parks great, and has the best visibility of any car I have ever driven. Best yet, it goes from zero to eighty in 4 seconds flat (JUST KIDDING, Anmama and Pop! It never once went above the speed limit. Well, maybe once. But that’s it.) While I am glad to have Matt’s beloved turbo fixed, it is a little sad to say goodbye to this 19 year old beast of a car.

In other automobile news, I have been known to utter the despised word “minivan” several times this week. Only because there is no way that we can fit three car seats, two parents, and an occasional obese canine in our Jeep Grand Cherokee. Ugh. I have sworn that I would never purchase such a thing (especially at the age of 27), but a reasonably priced used minivan might just have to be in my future. Unless I can get a killer deal on a sportier three row SUV. Is it terrible to pray for such a thing??

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  1. there has been lots of talk of a minivan in our house lately too as our car is on its last leg… but i totally loooove an suv too šŸ™‚

  2. OH, I want a van so bad I can't stand it!!!!! My dream is to press a button and doors open (in my dream angels begin singing and there is that pretty hazy light around said vehicle)

  3. I am 29 yrs old, and on my 2nd minivan!

    My first was a Chrysler Town & Country – DO NOT GET ONE. We had it for almost 5 yrs, but it had so many mechanics problems it wasn't funny.

    Then in January, we went shopping around just to get ideas on what features we wanted, and what we liked & didn't like. Little did I know that Matt (my husband) would end up buying me a Honda Odyssey. It's like having a mansion over the T&C. There is so much more room.

    3rd rows on an SUV can be overrated, and leg room is greatly diminished. I love my Honda. We also drove a Toyota, and I think I did hear angels sing when I used the automatic doors.

    Sadly, we couldn't afford the fancy Honda with the automatic doors, but I still love what I got. It's so roomy, and the DVD system is a must for the long car trips we take to NC every year.

    OK, sorry that was long winded from the other 20 something who has a minivan!

  4. The geo is a little beast which proudly serves the family with much pride and love. I am sure it will miss you.

  5. We just got a convertible carseat that's advertised as being the "slimmest" on the market… regardless, 3 of these fit across the backseat. It's called a Radian and is made by Sunshine Kids. Not cheap, but cheaper than a new car.

    P.S. Your blog & happy attitude in these crazy days of life with young kiddos make me happy!

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