Just to mix it up a bit and add some additional excitement to our week, Carson decided to bust his cute little noggin open while jumping off of the couch last night.  The kid was an absolute champ throughout the entire ordeal.  Seriously, it was miraculous.  The same child who tried to hide under chairs to escape this year’s flu shot did not shed a tear when his head was stapled back together.  I was a bit worried about his neurological function… until he began to boo his doctor who mentioned that she went to UNC.  Then I knew he’d be just fine.


And for those of you who can handle a little gore (oh please… I’m a nurse!  what did you expect?), here we see the culprit of the massive amount of blood that I somehow caught on a kitchen towel before carrying both kids out the door in a mad dash to the ER.  Two staples, a big ‘ol laceration, and one proud little boy.


And now for some good news… tomorrow!!

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