Those of you who have known me long enough know a little secret about me. For the longest time, my dream in life was to become a primatologist. I have always been in love with zoos, developed a weird kind of obsession with primates in elementary school, and even went to the extent of traveling to the National Zoo in D.C. when in 7th grade to interview one of the head zoologists for a “what I want to be when I grow up” sort of paper. My backup plans were to become a zoo keeper or live in Africa studying apes in the wild like Jane Goodall… instead, I work in pediatrics and hope to do missions in Africa, so close enough. 🙂

I include all of that as a preface for our trip the NC Zoo today. As I awoke this morning, I was so filled with childlike excitement that I poked my poor husband before the sun even arose to announce, “Matt! Matt! We’re going to the ZOO today!!”

We met up with my sister and her family, pushed heavy strollers through miles of trails, and had a blast.

Not so sure what they were looking at here, but it must have been fascinating.
The cousins watching the chimps.
Wiped out from all of the excitement.