I haven’t alluded to it much on here, but one of my biggest concerns over the past few weeks has been Elizabeth’s health.  Good health isn’t assumed and cannot be taken for granted, especially in eastern DRC where there is little access to healthcare.  In most adoptions, labwork has already been completed by the time of referral.  Not so with ours.  So we waited and waited.  We were told that the results would be emailed to us three weeks ago.  Nothing.  Oh the anxiety this has induced.  Finally, yesterday, I received a thorough hospital lab report via email and quickly scanned through it.  It was perfect, guys!  Everything was perfect!  Girlfriend even had a higher hemoglobin living in a Congolese orphanage than Carson and Mary Grace do!  (translation: she’s not anemic)  I felt like a load of bricks had been lifted off of my shoulders.

Thank you, Lord.