Well, I interrupt this lapse in blogging to introduce you to a (not so) little someone…

IMG_6980People, meet Lucy.


You might remember my first time meeting Lucy on my trip back home a few weeks ago.  It was love at first sight.  But she went back home with my brother, Will, and we headed back to North Carolina, and that was that.

IMG_6955Here’s the thing about Will.  He’s a dog whisperer.  He has rescued countless abandoned dogs from shelters and lost dogs off of busy streets, and he loves them all well.  A few days ago, he called me to ask if our family wanted Lucy.  With his home already full with a few other dogs, he knew Lucy would fit well in our family and would certainly be lavished with attention.  IMG_6972

Honestly, we weren’t planning on getting another dog anytime soon.  In fact, I was such an emotional wreck when Chloe died a few years ago that I’ve been super hesitant to get another dog.  The thought of loving another pet only to go through that ordeal again was daunting (and admittedly a bit morbid).  But this felt right.  The right timing.  And the right dog.  Because, you guys, she is the sweetest thing ever.  A docile, kid-loving, house-trained (thankyouJesus), one year old 80 pound beast of a bulldog.  (Oh and her eye?  It looks a lot worse than it is.  It’s called “cherry eye”, is common with this breed, can be fixed, and is purely cosmetic.  She’s still stinkin’ cute, cherry eye or not, if I do say so myself.)


You know, there are two types of people in this world: dog-people and people who think those crazy canine-lovers have lost. their. minds.  As I settled on the couch to rest for a few sacred minutes this afternoon, I found myself once again negotiating couch-space with our newest addition.  And loving it.  Sure, she might shed.  She’s totally overweight.  She could use a little cosmetic surgery.  And she snores.  But good gracious, my heart is so happy to be a dog person today.

And Will?  Thank you for entrusting Lucy to us.  She already fits into our crazy family perfectly.

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  1. She is so cute! She reminds me of my Rufus! His eye just started to do that too! And he is still a fun loving dog who loves to cuddle! I’m so happy for ya’ll! 🙂 I don’t think I can have any other dog but a bulldog after having Rufus now!

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