(Oh, Mary Grace.)

You’re six!  Just last night, your daddy was tucking you in for the last time as a five year old and informed you that you’re growing up just too fast.  That there was surely no way you could be six today.  You responded, ‘Well, dad.  At least I can’t even fit in size 5 pants yet!”

Which, okay, is true.  You’re tiny.  But anyone who has known you for more than 60 seconds can attest to the fact that your physical stature is in no way a reflection of your personality.  It’s LARGE.  And your voice?  LOUD.  Size 5 pants or not, you make your mark on wherever you go.

IMG_5201You’re completely obsessed with animals these days- the fiercer and slimier the better.  Unless we’re talking about your OWN PET DOG.  You sweet talk giant beetles and, in the next breath, act like docile little Lucy is your arch nemesis.  I don’t even know.  Your days are spent pretending to be whatever creature you have last learned about.  Last week, you busted up your face on the school playground.  Apparently, you were sprinting after your friends like a cheetah and ran straight into a safety sign.  Typical.

IMG_5079Mary Grace, you’re enthusiastic and passionate.  When you set your mind to something, good gracious, you’re gonna do it.  Just this summer, you learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.  Oh, but just ditching the training wheels didn’t cut it for you- we have since found you trying to teach yourself how to ride without hands.  Or feet.  How we made it through the summer without an ER visit was truly a miracle from the heavens above.

IMG_4917You love art and could draw all day long.  Wild Kratts is your favorite show, and you’re currently completely enamored with those old-school Little Miss and Mr. Men books.  Buffalo Wild Wings is your favorite restaurant, and this makes your dad just. so. happy.  When you grow up, you want to be a zookeeper, an artist, a pirate, or the “first girl president”.

IMG_4051As I watch you grow up, Mary Grace, I continue to be amazed at how comfortable you are in your own skin.  Without looking to the left and the right, you keep staying your course.  Doing your thing.  Confidently living life big and loving others hard.

I’m so proud of you, my big six year old.  Keep doing your thing.  (But also.  Listen to your parents.  Just sayin’.)