Meet Mary Grace, aka the child who insists on sleeping in shoes. And with every other toy in her room. No lie, the other morning I went into her room to find her doll stroller in bed with her! Little miss Wonder Woman had beasted that thing into bed without us knowing! Sneaky, sneaky.

But back to shoes… she’s obsessed already. Probably one of the most humiliating experiences in my life occurred just two weeks ago when I made the STUPID decision to take both kids (without a stroller) into the shoe store. Instantly, Mary Grace’s eyes lit up and she began to chant in an almost creepy way “me shoes. me shoes. me shoes.” Oh, and let’s not forget her propensity to dismantle every shoe display within sight. I’m sure I got some evil looks that day for my stellar mothering skills.

The shoes might stay, but Mary Grace did lose one valued possession last week… her paci. This was far from a premeditated plan. Essentially, Matt and I just looked at each other at bedtime one night last week, shrugged our shoulders, and decided to go for it. She didn’t fuss the slightest bit, and it left me wondering why we didn’t do this sooner. I know– all of you mothers of paci-loving kids can stop hating on me know. It’s not my fault that my kid would rather sleep with crocs than a pacifier.

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