A pretty trivial snapshot of our life in bullet points.  Because at the end of another busy week, that’s what’s left of me.

  • Matt and I will celebrate eight years of marriage next week, and in an act of nostalgia, I have dug out my old mix CDs from college for entertainment.  And just like that, I was brought back to the long four hours of highway that separated William and Mary and Virginia Tech.  We wore out those roads in our years of long-distance dating, but those CDs consistently kept me company.  In listening my way through the CDs this week, I fully expected to replay love song after cheesy love song.  Nope.  Y’all, I was clearly having an identity crisis in college.  Who was I?  A teeny bopper gangsta?  An emo cowgirl?  Did I really sandwich Outkast with Kenny Chesney and Dashboard Confessional?  But then I compared this with my current iTunes playlists and realized I need an intervention.  I’m a complete music schizophrenic.
  • Regarding our anniversary… Matt and I are headed out to Ruth’s Chris tomorrow night to celebrate… courtesy of a gift card (uh, duh).  When I mentioned this to my coworker today, she replied, “obviously whoever gave you that gift card doesn’t know either of you well at all.”  Truth.  As super grateful as we are for a fancy dinner, we both have agreed that a gift card to Moe’s (or our favorite Salvadorean-tacos-in-a-gas-station place up the street) woulda been just as nice.  Because that’s just how we roll.
  • I have never been a retail therapy shopper… until Matt went out of town again a few weeks ago and I kind of fell apart.  I don’t know what happened.  Scratch that, I know exactly what happened.  Online shopping happened.  And now I have a guilt complex (and a competing giddy feeling like Christmas morning) every time I approach the mailbox.
  • I took Carson school supply shopping last week.  For kindergarten.  He’s like a legit kid now, people.  I have a legit kid.
  • Elizabeth has all-too-abruptly learned the word “why?” and is using it all too often.  I’m not ready for the “why?” phase.  I’m all for the girl learning English, but not “why” yet.  Please, Lord, not “why?”…
  • Ohhh and I shipped Mary Grace off to Richmond this week.  My dad was doing business in our neck of the woods yesterday, and we planned to meet up for lunch.  While on our way to meet up with him, I get a semi-desperate call from my mom to the tune of “send one of those kids back to me in Virginia or I will come and get them myself”.  And in that moment, I did one of the most spontaneous things this Type A planner has ever done in her life and said “yes”.  With only the clothes on her back, pirate hat on her head (yes, she dressed like a pirate from head to toe for lunch.  battle #72 of the morning that I refused to fight.), and “Baby Deluga” in her arms, Mary Grace drove off with my dad to Richmond.  It will surely take weeks to un-spoil her, but all reports have indicated that she’s having a blast.


gotta end with a picture.  me and Carson in my happy place… the Target school supply section.  bless the Lord, oh my soul…