Matt allowed me two whole heavenly hours of kid-free errand running this morning. It might or might not have been prompted by several desperate comments to the tune of “ohmygosh, I think I might literally go crazy if I don’t get out by myself asap” by moi. And, no, I don’t think I was being melodramatic there. Anyway, Matt took these two videos while I was gone, and I couldn’t help but post these jewels.

A view observations:
1. Yes, Mary Grace has been wearing a shirt on her head all morning. And yes, she does call it her “nun hat”. I claim the fifth on how she came up with that one…
2. Gotta love it when she (in her nun hat) announces, “I itch my hinie”.
3. And then there’s Carson who is clearly going to be a stellar father. Lego Death Star and fruit snacks all day long?? Dude, I want to be his kid. (He later proceeded to inform us that he plans to have 60 kids, all of them either named Mary Grace or Carson. Oh and p.s. he plans to rename himself “Matt”. Uhhhh….)
4. “I’ll love them as much as I’ll love God.” Gotta work on that one with him.
5. Somehow Carson’s concern regarding his “booboo” on his finger later morphed into a conversation regarding the pathology and treatment of Anthrax. Don’t ask…

And that, my friends, is a pretty accurate view into our lives. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

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  1. just like their cousins. hiney itching, death star, & fruit snacks–typical activities/topics around here too.

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