Under the influence of Courtney and with the motivation and encouragement from Tiffany, I have done something remarkable tonight. Please marvel at this glorious sight…

Yes, that is a whole chicken that I prepared and roasted myself. Me! The girl who has never bought a piece of poultry aside from boneless skinless chicken breasts in her life! Who has intense psychological issues with meat. Sure, I refused to handle the bird with bare hands and used paper towels instead. And I definitely closed my eyes when I had to pull the Bag of Nastiness out. But I cooked the darn thing, and it was good.

And the domesticity doesn’t stop there, my friends. Check out this hunkahunka burnin’ love (haha, that made me laugh). Matt has pressured me for months to cut his hair. I don’t know why- I have never even witnessed a man’s haircut in my life, but whatever. We broke open the clippers, and I clipped away (while laughing hysterically the entire time). Matt seemed a bit concerned and regretful during the haircut, but I found the whole experience weirdly satisfying.

A beautiful chicken and a hunky husband. What a perfect evening. 🙂

4 Comments on on birds and hair

  1. Matt, it seems I have power in your family, I can tell her never to make you chicken again! HA!

  2. That bird looks delish! I cut all the hair in our fam–well, at least Massey's and Lydia's! I also will NOT touch raw meat…or the Bag of Nastiness.

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