To some, the term “headbanging” refers to heavy metal music.  In our home, it refers to Mary Grace headbanging on a trampoline mid-morning in effort to fall asleep because she was up playing in her room way past bedtime.  Please note, my musical genius of a kid is banging her head to the beat of the music.

Future Beethoven perhaps?

And here we see why she was trying to pass out at 10am the other day… Matt came to me one night this week and remarked, “Mary Grace is still awake and playing and her room.  And she has been playing so hard that she has prom hair!”  Huh?!  Curious of Matt’s idea of prom hair, I ran upstairs to see Mary Grace rocking a high, curly ponytail that had gone a bit crazy from her escapades crawling under her bed to rescue every toy she has when she should have been fast asleep.  Remind me not to allow Matt to take our daughters to get their hair done for prom.  Ever.  But shoot, I wish I looked that cute and perky hours past my bedtime.

One last sleep story:

So, I pick the kids up from school yesterday and was given a good report for Mary Grace (no biting! yay!).  🙂  However, her teachers did chuckle a bit when they told me that they had to move Mary Grace and her little cot into the school director’s office during naptime “because, you know, she was just being pretty loud and not letting the other children sleep.”  This comes on the heels of being told just hours before by Carson’s teacher that they often hear Mary Grace through the walls and closed doors because of her volume.  Ha!  Love this vivacious and LOUD little thing.

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  1. She and her cousin Ellie must be cut from the same mold. FYI Focalin is a life saver sometimes.

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