The other day, I looked at one of my children who shall go unnamed and sighed, “I just don’t know how to parent you, dear child of mine.”  Unnamed Child looked right back at me and, without a moment of hesitation, responded, “Well you BETTER know how to parent me.  You just did a parenting talk, you know.”


Anyway, that little talk I did a few weeks ago at church- yes, the PARENTING talk- is up.  And, thanks to my amazingly technologically savvy husband, you can listen to it right here.

Y’all, this was so far out of my wheelhouse.  And clearly (CLEARLY.) I am far from an expert.  (Clearrrrly.)  But it’s a topic that I believe has to be discussed.  It’s gotta be tackled.  Because what we’re doing now- the ideals our culture is lifting high- it’s just not working.  That’s why I’m insanely grateful for a church and for a student ministry who recognizes the issues pressing hard on our kids and who is passionate about seeing change.  Even if they use my crazy flawed self as one of their mouthpieces…

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