Well, while I naively thought Mary Grace was napping yesterday afternoon, she was instead refinishing her desk with a hidden stash of crayons.  It’s worse than you can even tell in this picture.  When asked why in the heck she would do such a thing, she just shrugged her little shoulders with that “whateverrrr” attitude she rocks so well and replied, “me not know where the paper was, mommy”.  Of course.

I then started to attack the crayon with a Magic Eraser when Carson began to scream, “NO MAMA!  Don’t do it!  Mary Grace’s artwork is so beautiful!  I love it!  Keep it!”  I mean, how do you argue with that?  The Magic Eraser will have to wait till tomorrow.  Instead, we headed outside to enjoy the glorious afternoon.  Thank you, Dollar Tree, for transforming my son into a knight today.  The helmet went on, and it’s like he instinctively knew to become all chivalrous and everything.  Two dollars well spent.

Back to our resident artist for the moment.  You see, the problem with Mary Grace is that she looks too sweet and innocent to do things like, oh you know, ruining perfectly fine pieces of furniture.

I mean, really.

That is, UNTIL she starts chasing our friendly neighborhood cat with a plastic dagger.  I mean, I am totally not a cat person (they’re sneaky and creepy and make me crazy sick with allergies), but this is one behavior that Mary Grace has not seen modeled by yours truly.  Although there might be reason for concern in this, it really makes me laugh.  Just don’t tell PETA.



2 Comments on on refinishing desks and hunting cats

  1. Looks can be deceiving…one day when Ellie was about that age or even older I went under her bed to clean and found a whole city she had drawn with pen on the wall. Thank goodness for magic eraser and paint.

  2. and then I met a man who had NO feet……..(my shoes were no longer that important). Oh, the joy, to have one who has the desire and ability to act on their feelings.

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