One year ago, this

One of the most joyful and beautiful moments of my life.  Certainly the most surreal.  IMG_0084However, Elizabeth?  She was terrified.  Who was this squealing white woman who just couldn’t keep her hands off of her anyway?

Matt and E in DRCWitnessing this terrified, sullen little girl blossom into the vivacious, bubbly two year old  we know today has been one of the greatest joys in my life thus far.  A true miracle in every sense of the word.


I still get all verklempt looking at this video and these pictures.  I struggle to find words that adequately portray the anticipation that was palpable as we drove along those bumpy dirt roads to our daughter’s foster home, knowing that every inch we drove was one inch closer to her.  How ecstatic and awe-filled and in love we were in that moment of meeting her.  The sweetness of watching her drift off to sleep that first night in our hotel.  Mere words just don’t do justice.

But while words are lacking, we will celebrate.  We will feast on Congolese cuisine, and we’ll jump and twirl and dance to African music in celebration of our girl.   We’ll reminisce about our time in beautiful Congo, and we’ll insist that “we really for real have to go back soon”.  We will look deep into Elizabeth’s beautiful, dark eyes and tell her for the thousandth time how precious and loved she is.  And we’ll recall, once again, the Lord’s faithfulness in every moment of the journey to bring Elizabeth home.  And every moment since.

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  1. Incredible. Precious to see again a year later and to have seen (mostly through your blog) how she’s transformed!

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