It’s 8am and Carson is down for a nap. He usually naps at 1 pm, so this is a sure sign of problems around here. He’s been sick with croup for the past two days and has been sleeping rather horrendously since Friday. He was up and at ’em at 4 am today, and by 5 am we were both covered in washable marker. Whoever thinks motherhood is glamorous is plain crazy.

So in my exhausted state this morning (remember, I have a 2 month old who still likes to eat at crazy hours of the night as well), I have had some questions I would like to pose…

Is it bad to use the orange Motrin that Carson loves oh-so-much as potty training bribery? I seriously considered it (I wasn’t going to overdose him, silly… he was due for some more anyway) but my thoughts then turned to the horror stories of kids downing entire bottles of meds because parents called them “candy”. Shoot, and it just occurred to me that I put him down for his nap in his underwear… which obviously means that he’s going to completely soak his bed in urine. Whatever- I would rather have him sleep for an hour now and change pee-soaked sheets later. It’s all about priorities, people.

Is it completely dysfunctional that I allowed my almost 2 year old son to enjoy 20 minutes of fun playing with my breast pump this morning? I feel a little bit weird in saying that he loves the thing… but he does!

Am I a delinquent mother in serving Carson a Toaster Strudel this morning and seriously thinking to myself, “well at least he’s getting strawberries in his diet today”? (Side note: I do not typically buy these fried slabs of goodness, but they were way on sale this week. So there.)

Is it totally wrong that I sorta kinda resent Matt for being able to go to church last night and today… while I’m stuck at home with snotty noses, blowout diapers, and now another load of urine-covered laundry? (Don’t worry, Matt- I love you and the resentment won’t last forever.)

OK, now that I got all of that off my chest, someone please, please tell me that I’m somewhat normal.

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  1. i may be the first, but i KNOW i wont be the last to tell you not to worry, you are sooo normal. yesterday was a tough day around our house too and i finally couldnt take it anymore when i realized i was shouting "the wheels on the bus" during my shower to try to calm down a screaming kid, to no avail. hang in there!

  2. Answers: YES, NO, NO, NO. Whoever would have "thunk" it, that you may turn out to be the closest to normal in the whole family? Keep the chronicles coming, they brighten our days and reinforce our high opinion of you as an admirable wife and mother and just one heck of a person. GrandMa & PawPaw P.S. GrandMa can talk a lot, but doesn't feel she is a writer. She wants you to know that she is so proud to have you as a grand-daughter and to see your family growing in such a Godly manner. You are incredible!

  3. yes you are totally normal and probably wouldnt believe the things we other mothers actually do but never tell anyone else! I do however resent my parents telling you that you are the closest to normal in the family-traitors.

  4. Wow, our lives seem to be mirroring each other. We have had the yucks around here too. I have caught myself saying "Medicine, mmmm" to entice Zeke to take.
    Zeke likes my pump as well. And today while I was feeding Ben, Zeke totally lifted his shirt. I am pretty sure I am ruining the kid for LIFE.
    There are definitely times of resentment for Spence getting to have adult convos or even just having the convenience of being able to leave the house with out thinking about needing to get back in time for a feeding.
    So you are totally normal.

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