Well, I’ve been getting some disgruntled calls from family members due to an apparent lack of pictures on this blog.  My suggestions to “get on facebook!  I post a lot more pictures there!” were met with silence, and I’m pretty sure that my justification of how crazy busy we have been recently is far from a valid excuse for the grand and great-grandparents.  And so, here we go.  A slew of pictures from my fancy new iPhone, lovingly gifted to me by Matt last week.  Why, yes- this girl has finally made the leap into the 21st century.  Why in the heck did I wait so long?  Anyway… the pictures:



IMG_0018 1

IMG_0033 1

IMG_0043 1

gotta document this: the “big kids” started back-to-back swimming lessons this week, so I have some time to kill with Elizabeth while waiting for them.  thankfully, the pool has an adjacent “splash park”, but I was almost certain that the girl would be terrified of the water spraying and spurting everywhere.  WRONG.  she loved it!  unbelievable.

IMG_0060 1

IMG_0052 1

IMG_0056 1

yes, the Ergo is still being put to good use and typically calms her down instantaneously.

IMG_0058 1

IMG_0075 1

IMG_0080 1

IMG_0124 1

yes, life is very, very full these days.

IMG_0090 1

but it’s also ridiculously blessed.

IMG_0117 1

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  1. When are you all coming to Richmond again?? Didn’t your mother tell you not to sit so close to the t.v.?

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