I’m exausted, hence the very unexciting title to this post. The past couple days here have been great… tiring, but great. With three little boys in diapers, there is never a dull moment! Below, I hope to convey some of the highlights of the past several days here in the OBX…
This pic serves two purposes.
One: my poor son was briefly hijacked by my brother-in-law (a UVA alum and hardcore fan) who thought it would be funny to dress him in this shirt. Matt was dismayed, but Carson didn’t seem to mind so much. Two: Carson has officially learned to sit by himself! I swear, I think he learned by watching as his cousin Thomas sits nice and erect. Either way, he seems quite impressed with himself!

A typical before and after shot of the interactions between Thomas and Carson. Thomas has become accustomed to being knocked around by his two year old brother and has been forced to learn defense tactics. These tactics unfortunately tend to result in shrieks and tears from my child, but they are so cute together regardless.

Carson LOVES my parent’s dog, Sugar. Loves loves loves. Giggles when she licks his feet and grins when she’s near.

I love my boys!

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  1. I totally agree! You have such a beautiful son… and there’s nothin’ like pics of kids and pets. 🙂

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