Well, I took Chloe for her follow-up appointment this evening (sans Carson), and the news just keeps getting worse. After further examination, the vet determined that Chloe has entropion and ectopic cilia. In English, that means that her eyelids turn inward (a common condition with bulldogs) AND she has extra hairs growing in the inside of her eyelids (not so common). Those two conditions combined have scratched the heck out of her eye, hence the ulcer.

So, Tuesday morning, we have to take Chloe in for surgery. I’m not 100% certain what they’ll be doing, but I do know it involves cutting part of her eyelid and removing those extra hairs. So, it looks like we’ll be moving into our new place with a post-operative, stitched-up dog in tow.

And the worse part of all of this? Tuesday is Chloe’s birthday. Poor, poor Chloe.