So, despite the awesomeness of Katie’s experience with the Congolese ambassadors, we still need prayers!  I have some probably-irrational fears that our passports and visa applications never actually made it into the Mission a week and a half ago.  I mean, it’s not that I don’t trust Fed Ex… okay, maybe there’s a small twinge of distrust… but after all we’ve been through, I really just want tomorrow to go smoothly.  Please pray that our passports are indeed there and readily accessible to the secretary.  Pray that she would promptly process our visas and send them back to us as promised.  Pray that there are no glitches with Fed Ex (again, I’ve been a bit scarred by my Fed Ex and DHL experiences over the past week) and that we have them soon.  I feel the anxiety threatening to consume me with all of this passport stuff, and I hate that.


Fix my eyes on You, Lord.


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    • Good question, Beth. So they have our physical passports and vaccination records documenting that we’ve had the yellow fever vaccination. We could have applied for a visa in D.C. but don’t have our passports to go along with it. I’ve looked into it, and if our passports have gone missing, it looks like we could potentially drive to D.C., report our passports stolen, and beg for super expedited passports… and then head over to the Congolese embassy in D.C. and beg for expedited visas. It’s a mess. Hoping FedEx didn’t drop the ball and actually got our passports to the right location. It’s looking a bit iffy though.

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