Anyone familiar with sorority rush knows the pro-con-pro system. If you are not and do not, don’t worry… at least you didn’t go to college to buy your friends. šŸ™‚

Anyway, it’s a pro-con-pro sorta day…

Pro: Three of our favorite college girls from Richmond came to visit our family today!
Con: One very important member of our family (ahem, me) had to work all day and only got a few hurried minutes with them in my office’s break room before they headed back home.
Pro: I nearly cried with joy when I came home to a stash of Ukrops White House Rolls, rainbow cookies, brownie bites, and butterstar cookies.

Pro: I ate said Ukrops food for dinner.
Con: Said Ukrops food has zero nutritional value. Scratch that, it has negative nutritional value.
Pro: It was yummy. And then I ate two gummy vitamins to make up for it.

Pro: I finally womaned up and allowed my coworker to give me the flu shot.
Con: My arm is sore. And I’m not immune to the flu for two weeks. And the flu is back with a vengeance.
Pro: I no longer have that “ugh, I have to get a shot even though I hate to get shots so I think I will put off the inevitable until my boss mandates that I am needled in the flesh” thing in the back of my mind.

Pro: Rebekah delivered my mom’s sewing machine to me today!
Con: I have no clue how to work it. Upon opening its cover, I quickly became overwhelmed and frightened, so I threw it back on. And I’m not quite sure this faded manual, copyright 1971, is going to be much more helpful. These sewing people speak a completely different dialect!
Pro: I have high hopes of learning to sew a pillowcase dress by spring. Doable? We shall see.

Pro: Since Matt was on the road tonight, I played the role of “cool mom” and treated my kids to an ultra healthy dinner at the playground Burger King.
Con: While at said playground, i.e. the tallest and hugest indoor playground I have ever seen at a fast food restaurant in my entire life, Carson started screaming and was paralyzed with fear about 4.7 miles into the winding tunnels and climby things. Still in my work clothes, I had to push Mary Grace up through little crevices and tubes to find our way to her brother.
Pro: Mary Grace was cackling in laughter the entire time, completely thrilled with the adventure. And a sweet little eight year old girl had pity on us and calmly led Carson through the rest of the tunnels while I vowed never to return again without reinforcements.

Pro: Carson slept in until 7:15 this morning. This is two hours later than the wake-up time he had been gracing us with over the past few months.
Con: He has been awake in his room for nearly two hours now. He continues to get out of his bed with various pertinent questions, comments, or demands. “Mom, turn my CD back on.” “Mom, why do blowfish look like balloons?” “Give me more water, mom.” “Here’s my booger, mom.”
Pro: Logic would dictate another late wake-up time for my eldest tomorrow morning.

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  1. I like this pro con pro stuff. I may have to steal it for a post.
    I am betting you can figure out the pillowcase dress by spring. There is so much stuff on the internet now I bet you will knock it out of the park!
    OH, and did Carson sleep in?

  2. oh girl- if I can make a pillowcase dress, anyone can!!!! I have pretty much next to no training or real skills. The patterns off line are pretty easy to figure out. Get some random fabric and do some practice runs. You'll be banging out some cutesie dresses in no time:)

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