1. My camera has bit the dust, and I am a bit sad. I began getting a “lens error” message on vacation, the problem has only escalated since then, and now it is completely non-functioning. I googled the problem and found a number of websites that displayed ominous warnings like “beware the deadly canon lens error”… and I got a little scared. Have no worries though, I have ordered a new, not as nice but perfectly functional camera that should arrive this week. I don’t feel so bad about having to ordering a new camera because of #2…

2. I am working all week this week. My boss is on vacation and asked if I could come in every day rather than my usual 2.5 days. I agreed, though I did negotiate that I would still have my half day Wednesday and would get off at 3:30 on Monday and Friday. Little did I know that Matt would also have to teach VBS every night this week on top of our crazy work schedules. See ya next week, Matt! 🙂

3. We had a wonderful, busy weekend, though because of #1 we have no pictures to prove it. We took a whirlwind trip to Richmond to see Caleb and Morgan get hitched. Matt introduced the bride and groom to each other a year ago, and what do ya know… they fell in love and are now living happily ever after. Matt should quit seminary and start a matchmaking business. I’m not going to lie- we were a bit concerned as it was an outside wedding on one of the hottest days of the year, but it was breezy and beautiful… and that totally just sounded like a Covergirl commercial. Meanwhile, Carson was being watched by one of our favorite Bon Air youth group girls and was still partying hard when we came home at 9pm. We drove back to NC late Saturday night, got up early for church, and welcomed our oh-so-adventurous friend Josh to Clayton yesterday afternoon. Josh just returned from a year long mission trip around the world, and I have been absolutely enthralled with his pictures and stories!

4. Yesterday, something got into me and I bought unsalted Matzo crackers at Kroger. I thought they’d be good. They’re not. I also yielded to my craving for Fruit Rollups. Those are much tastier.

5. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!! In a society of unavailable fathers, I feel so blessed to have a husband who is so involved in my child’s life and father who has been such an active influence in my own. Thanks, dad and Matt!