Praise.the.Lord.  Elizabeth and her little posse landed safely in Kinshasa tonight at 9:26pm their time.  They’re doing well but are all understandably very tired.  Tonight is the first night Elizabeth will spend in her new temporary home in Kinshasa- an orphanage that our organization is heavily involved with and that is run by a local pastor there.

I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going through our little girl’s mind right now as she is bombarded by change: different location, different caregivers, different peers, different language (from Swahili to French). Honestly, although I obviously know that good is to come, my heart still breaks for her in these days of massive change and transition. We know that even very young children internalize and mourn these changes and the “death” of their previous reality.  We are praying for God to restore wholeness in Elizabeth’s heart that can only come from His perfect love and redemption.


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  1. Praise the Lord! We’ll continue to be praying for Elizabeth’s many transitions, especially the one big one coming soon! And for passport paper.

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