Mary Grace,

Last night, as I was rocking you to sleep, I happened to glance down at your body against mine. As I looked, I was overcome with the realization that you are no longer that teeny little newborn that we brought home back in October. These seven months have really flown by, and you are growing up so fast.

Speaking of growing up so fast, you must be going through a growth spurt because over the past week or so, you have developed a ferocious appetite. You’re back in the habit of waking at night to eat which is lovely. And you always, always want to eat more solids than I anticipate you will. Gerber puffs are your new vice, and you are getting better with your sippy cup.

Your dad and I find it very entertaining to watch you roll from one end of the room to the other in record time. It’s like you’re a little ball or something- once you start rolling, you just can’t stop. You’re also starting to scoot around if you want something desperately enough. I’m thinking it’s not going to be long before you’re crawling. I am also thinking that we need to invest in more girly toys, as your toy of choice in recent weeks has always been Carson’s trucks.

You are a tough cookie, Mary Grace. Last week, you yanked on Carson’s hair, and in return, he hit the heck out of you. I was horrified, but you thought it was hilarious and let out a loud belly laugh.

Oh, and one small discovery about your cute little self this month. You and antihistamines do NOT mix. I have tried you on zyrtec a few times for your crazy allergies, and you have what they call a paradoxical reaction. In other words, you were trying to party like a rockstar when you were supposed to be sleeping, and the less you slept, the more agitated you became and the more miserable your parents were. So for now, we have chosen allergies over agitation. Sorry, baby girl.

Stop growing up so fast, ok? This is getting ridiculous!

In the words of your doting brother, I love you “this much”!

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  1. Gosh she is so so cute!!!
    We have to make sure we get a pic together at Parent Commissioning next weekend, Ok?

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