Exactly seven years ago, Matt paid me a surprise visit in my small basement dorm room, Jefferson B19, at William and Mary. He came with a very specific purpose- to DTR… make things official… ask me out… whatever you want to call it. We celebrated our new “official” relationship by dining on Wawa subs and watching a movie from Blockbuster. That evening, Matt made the four hour trek back to Virginia Tech, both of us giddy with excitement and completely unaware of how life would look for us in just a few short years.

Happy anniversary/Valentine’s Day, Matt! I love you more now than I ever have before…

* This picture was taken later that year at one of the many, many Kappa date parties/formals Matt had the privilege of attending with me. We were such babies… where has time gone??

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  1. i thought that was a recent picture!!!! neither one of you have changed a bit! y'all are one of the cutest couples ever!

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