Today, you’re seven.  And for some reason, this particular birthday has struck me as exceptionally crazy.  Maybe it’s because you’ve grown and grown up so much this year, and witnessing you actually turn another year older just seals the deal.  Whatever it is, I was lamenting over dinner the other night that “I can’t even believe that my BABY is growing up!  Seven?!  How did this even happen?”  You know, standard “but you were just BORN!!” fare.  (And the HONEST TO GOODNESS TRUTH.)

photo(8)Anyway, after hearing me go on and on, you looked at me square in the eyes and said, “Mom, I have good news for you.  Next week, I’m turning seven.  And after that, you’ll have nothing to worry about anymore because I’ll already BE seven.  Facts are facts.”

Well then.  Facts are facts.  We had to laugh because this was a strikingly accurate depiction of your personality.  Literal.  Matter of fact.  You hold tightly to what you know as truth, and you’ll adamantly maintain your rightness until you’re heard or believed.  We’ve learned to give you the benefit of the doubt because, well, you’re often right.  Your unbelievable memory always works in your favor.  On the other hand, there’s the whole humility thing.  We’re still working on that one.

IMG_7297Legos, Skylanders, Star Wars, and Ninja Turtles reign around here.  No surprises there.  You’ve become a voracious reader with Geronimo Stilton and The Chronicles of Narnia topping your current list of favorites.  Your favorite subjects are technology, art, and music.  Oh and math.  You beg us to create math tests for you.  You really do not enjoy writing.

PE isn’t your favorite either- you have said on a number of occasions that you don’t like to play team games because you don’t like relying on your teammates to pull out a win.  You prefer individual games in which your wins are all up to you.  I think it goes without saying that you really, REALLY like to win.  No names mentioned (ahem…), but you get that ‘tude honestly.

IMG_1214You’re sensitive and empathetic.  My surgery this fall was tough on you emotionally, but the compassion it stirred up in you was so, so sweet to witness.  You’re protective over your sisters- man, you’re an awesome big brother- and you get so frustrated when they disobey.  All of your talk about wanting a little brother though?  I hate to rain on your birthday parade, but…

Your current career aspirations include Lego design and video game design.  You were recently introduced to (and completely enraptured by) the concepts of computer programming at school.  Watching my kids’ personalities, passions, and talents unfold and develop is one of my favorite parts of being of a mom.  I can’t wait to see what you do with your life.

IMG_7624Your ultimate favorite song of this past year has been Hillsong’s Cornerstone.  It plays on repeat around here and starts with these words:

“My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.  I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly trust in Jesus name.”

This is our continual prayer for you.  That Christ is where your hope and affections will be placed.  So sing on, my big seven year old.  We love you. IMG_8065