Now that I have come clean about my all-pervasive nerdiness, my (water) drinking problem, and the public display of my first kiss, we can carry on.  Matt whisked the kids away for the morning, per my birthday request of “some time not being needed”.  All you mothers out there, feel free to nod in understanding.  I’m about to get outta this house in a few to avoid the overwhelming urge to clean and fold laundry and do, do, do.

I did want to post a quick request for prayer.  Here’s the deal- Elizabeth has to have a very minor procedure done tomorrow.   For those of you interested, she has lacrimal stenosis (or blocked tear ducts)… it’s super common, totally not a huge deal, and is treated with an easy 15 minute procedure.  Regardless, I’m a slight mess as I think of her going under general anesthesia tomorrow.  Y’all, I nearly cried when we left Elizabeth in the church nursery with friends for 45 minutes this weekend!  The child has literally been on my hip for nearly two months straight… I’m not sure who has a harder time detaching, me or her.

They’ll be giving Elizabeth a sedative before the anesthesia, so I’m really hoping she’s completely knocked out before they take her back.  And I’ll be beggggging for them to allow me to wait in post-op so that she doesn’t have to wake up from anesthesia without me.  And if they say no, I am so not above busting out the “but I’m a peds NP” card… or the “and I’m a neurotic adoptive mother” card.   The sweet girl has been through so much, and I would hate for this simple procedure to completely traumatize her.  We’ll be leaving for the hospital before the crack of dawn, and her surgery is scheduled for 7:15am.

Okay, I’m getting out of here before the laundry and cluttered countertops start beckoning me….

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  1. big big prayers for her… and you! 🙂

    she’ll do amazingly well – as she has clearly thrived in all of the difficult situations she’s been in!

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