It’s officially official. As of tonight, I became a legit minivan-driving soccer mom. This is really pretty hilarious to me as:

1. people still frequently mistake me for a high school student, and

2. I sometimes feel as though I’m a fraud. Like I’m not old enough to be doing such adult-like things. But then I look to my left and right, notice that I have kids hanging off both sides of me, and realize that I better at least act the part.

Carson’s first soccer practice tonight went as well as a three year old soccer practice could possibly go. Parents were putting out perpetual fires. Balls were flying in the wrong direction. Kids were falling to the ground in tears. And fun was had by all. šŸ™‚On the whole, Carson did awesome. I was initially a little concerned about how he’d react to the soccer mayhem, as he tends to be a little “slow to warm up” (and super DUPER sensitive), but he rocked it. Is it bad that I found myself smiling smugly when he asked on the way home, “Hey mom, why did that other kid cry when I stole the ball from him tonight?”

Please excuse these random non-action-packed “I prefer to pick daisies off of the field instead of playing ball” shots. I was far too busy controlling Little Miss Wild Woman during practice. Come to find out, Mary Grace was under the impression that she was a vital component of the team. Soccer ball on her foot and baby doll in hand, she continued to dash into the field, her stubby little legs and curly head of hair clearly standing out among the herd of chaotic preschoolers.

And Carson’s get-up this evening? Well, blame Matt. While I worked all day, it was Matt’s job to get Carson dressed and ready for practice. I should have known what that would mean. For some odd, odd reason, Matt has always had this strange Puma sweatband fetish… in fact, a little know fact: I allowed Matt to wear said sweatband out on our first real date in college. On Valentine’s Day. I have since become his far less fun wife who doesn’t hesitate to put her foot down to fashion no-no’s. In either case, this is now a legacy that he has now passed on to our son. Sweet.

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  1. I can't begin to tell you how happy those pictures make me. I can't wait to line my chair up on the sidelines and start screaming at soccer games again. Yippee!

  2. A-DORABLE! I'm so jealous–I'd love to put Punky in soccer (we play in the backyard whenever we can), but we don't have 3-year old soccer anywhere near by! Bummer!

  3. OMG. I love the sweatband (sorry catt), and love that you have a little soccer player in your mix. Can you please please tell me when he has his first game? Aunt Katie will be there! šŸ™‚

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