Good thing #1:
I officially accepted a job last week! God really hooked me up this time. You know when you pray for something and sort of half-heartedly believe that it can happen… but you know you should have the faith that the God who created the universe can figure out the little details in your life? Well, maybe it’s just me, but this is kind of how this whole job search went for me. I was somewhat doubtful of the possibility that anyone would want to hire an inexperienced part-time pediatric nurse practitioner, but praise God, it happened! I will be working for a small private practice in Smithfield, NC about two and a half days a week. My start date relies heavily on my “one not-so-good thing” that I will elaborate on more in a minute… but before I do so, allow me to tell you about…

Good thing #2:
We were able to get one of the best night’s sleep in quite a while last night, thanks to the wonders of the magical swaddle blanket. Carson’s new trick is his ability to swiftly yank his pacifier out of his mouth, resulting in a screaming baby with pacifier in hand rather than in mouth which therefore results in two weary parents taking turns all night long to replace the paci. Very very annoying. Last night, I decided to revisit the days of securing Carson in his straightjacket… I mean his swaddling blanket… and it worked like a charm! With his hands tied to his side, he was completely incapable of removing his pacifier, and he only woke up once to eat all night long!

Good thing #3:
I got to be fingerprinted today!! At the Virginia State Police Headquarters!! By a forensics specialist lady!! Oh my, I felt like I had stepped into an episode of CSI or something. Well not quite, but I was so psyched that I had to call my mom and husband to inform them of just how excited I was. No, I have not committed any crimes… rather, NC requires my fingerprints as part of the background check for my licensure down there. Although the reason behind my jaunt to the Police HQ was quite lame, it was certainly one of the more thrilling aspects of my week.

And my not-so-good thing:
Will someone pleeeease buy our house???? I’m trying so hard to trust here, but I’m growing a little tired of cleaning and scrubbing and dusting and mopping my house from top to bottom for countless prospective buyers to come and go with no results. OK, I will stop my whining now.

I hate to leave on a negative note, so let me add…
Good thing #3 addendum:
I didn’t even have to get ink on my fingers when I was getting fingerprinted at the Virginia State Police Headquarters!! Did you know that they roll your little fingers all around on this little screen and the whole process is done by computer? I asked the poor Forensic Specialist Lady quite a few questions and am now thinking that maybe I should look into an occupation in the FBI….

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  1. Catherine,

    Just FYI, I had to get fingerprinted last week in order to start my teaching job and I thought the same thing!! It is SO cool!! I just wanted to you to know that there are others out there who also find pleasure in little things such as the cool finger-print making machine!

    Also, I love your blog. Your son is so adorable!

    -Emily (Zimmerman) Herndon

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