Mary Grace went in for her one year check today, and the visit confirmed my fears. She really is growing up.

So the stats… she’s in the 50th% for weight, 25th% for height, and 75th% for head circumference. All over the place, and essentially a “thick” shorty with a big brain.

For a while now, I have noticed that her leg folds (i.e. fat rolls) on her legs are pretty asymmetrical. Knowing that this is often a red flag for hip issues, I asked her pediatrician to double check. She confirmed the asymmetry and sent us home with a script for a hip x-ray. I fully intended to get this done sometime next week, but I had a moment of sheer anxiety as I pictured my little girl in surgery and in a spica cast for months.

So, right at naptime, I jetted on over to our local hospital for some radioactive fun. Right. Mary Grace was less than thrilled, but leave it to Carson to make friends with the radiology students and excitedly recall the unfortunate events leading up to his Big Blue Cast earlier this year (“Me fell down the stairs with me mama and we sat on the couch and watched a lot of shows!!”)

I had a few hours of anxiety while I waited for the films to be read until I finally coaxed our office manager into calling the radiology department of the hospital and requesting her records straight from the source. All’s well that ends well, and Mary Grace’s hips checked out perfectly. My mom kindly reminded me to never mention to Mary Grace that she was evaluated for uneven fat rolls when she is a teenager. It’s always something in the Allison household…