Because I needed a way to work in a quote from the critically acclaimed (at least by my social circle in middle school) film, Tommy Boy. Common now, people. Cut me some slack. After weekends of functioning essentially as a single parent (church has had Matt super busy recently. holla VBS.), my brain cannot function higher than the level of a Chris Farley/David Spade flick. So, here we go. Nine bullet points for this lovely Sunday evening.

  • At bedtime tonight, Mary Grace literally jumped up from my lap as I started to read her books. She made a mad dash to Carson’s room, scurried into his bed, and snuggled up right next to him, her head on his pillow and her little legs under his covers. The child loves her brother so much that she wanted to sleep with him! My heart just about melted from the sweetness of it all. And then Carson kicked her out and sent her screaming back to her own room.
  • And on the subject of beds… I’m starting to get antsy and am totally contemplating setting up Wyatt’s future nursery while I work on Mary Grace’s big girl room. But then I remember that we have zero clue when we’ll be bringing him home. And I think that I might get even antsier (is that possible? or even a word?) if his room is all done up and cute.
  • I had two separate individuals compliment my kids on their behavior at Walmart today. This is new territory for me, and I didn’t know how to respond. So, I laughed.
  • We are love, love, loving our neighborhood pool so far this summer. We walk there, the kids play hard, and they nap well that afternoon. It’s a win/win/win situation all around.
  • Why do I always get sucked into shows about families with tons of kids? My latest fav- Quints by Surprise (on TLC, naturally) is no exception. The family is just so dang cute. But after I put my kids down for the night, perhaps I should seek better outlets of relaxation than tuning into my DVR to watch more screaming kids. I need to work on this.
  • My sister and her family moved back home to Midlo this week. I’m a smidge jealous, just because I love my hometown and the people there so much. BUT I am now more confident than ever that God has us here in NC for a reason. He’s drawing my heart here, and after nearly three years, it is finally feeling like “home”.
  • Any time I attend church on Saturday nights, I feel like a delinquent staying home on Sundays. When we were out running errands this morning, I seriously felt like all eyes were on me, the little church-skipping heathen. Yeah, I know. I’ve got issues.
  • Tonight, Matt asked Carson to list things that I love. What did he say? Jesus? No. My family? Nope. Anything of any worth at all? Absolutely not. Without even thinking, the kid replied, “Necklaces. And bracelets.” Fabulous. My child thinks I’m as materialistic as they come. Which is slightly humorous, as I wear the same jewelry nearly every day of my life. Whatever- he’ll appreciate me one day.
  • MY KIDS GOT INTO PRESCHOOL! Okay, let me back up a bit. First off, it’s not technically preschool. It’s daycare. Or a “child care center”, if you’d prefer. I prefer to call it school, as it makes me feel less guilty about shipping my kids off somewhere while I work. But I digress- now that Matt’s working full-time (yep! it’s true! hooray!) and I’ll still be working twice a week this fall, childcare became a slight conundrum. So, in true Catherine fashion, I freaked out. And then researched extensively. And visited various centers. And I fell in love with a smallish childcare center at a big Baptist church right down the road from us. There was a waiting list, though, and I was certain they wouldn’t get in. But they did, and I almost started crying when the director called me. Starting this fall, they’ll be going twice a week. And if they’re going to be anywhere but here, I’m so, so very happy that it’s there.

Whew, and there you have it. A Sunday niner. (Katie K. Christian S. Other St. M’s comrades. Here’s to many a sleepover watching dumb movies with memorable lines.)

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