A few sweet things…
1. Last night, as I was reading to Carson before bedtime, Mary Grace started rolling around. I told Carson to feel his baby sister, and he reached on over to my belly. Then, he proceeded to lift up my shirt, pop his beloved paci out of his mouth, and hold it on my bare belly. Maybe this whole “big brother” thing might work out after all. Regardless, it brought tears to my emotional, preggo eyes.
2. After stalking numerous grocery stores for weeks, all of whom have claimed canned pumpkin was “not yet in season”, I finally was able to snag two cans off the Walmart shelves this morning. Now, it’s pumpkin muffins galore up in here, and I couldn’t be more excited!
3. If you can’t tell in the picture below, Matt is always super sweet to allow Carson to use his face as a canvas. He was also kind enough not to kill me for forgetting to remind him that his face was covered with chalk as he walked around the neighborhood over the next hour. 🙂

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