Believe it or not, I have survived the past 48 hours without Matt and Carson, and I have actually managed to keep myself remarkably busy. Sunday night, I got the urge to put the first coat of paint on Mary Grace’s new bookshelf. Then, leave it to me to get out in the garage in my PJs at six o’clock Monday morning before work to paint the second coat. In fact, before the sun had even risen this morning, I found myself out in my flower garden pulling weeds. I am definitely my parents’ child.

Today, I spent the morning at various doctor’s appointments. First, I took Chloe for a “quick trip” to the vet. Ha. We never have quick trips to the vet. First of all, her face started oozing green nastiness last night (sorry for the visual, but if I had to deal with it, so must you). I almost didn’t even want to mention the ooze to the vet (as if she wouldn’t notice it on first glance of her face) in fear that something was majorly wrong with her. Thankfully it’s just another skin infection which a simple antibiotic should fix. We also got a scolding for the fact that she has gained six pounds in the past few months and is now officially way too fat. Actually, the vet went as far as saying that her legs are so short that they might not be able to support her anymore if she gains any more weight. Shoot. So, it’s diet time for Chloe.

Next up, it was my turn to head to the OB to drink the nasty orange drink and have my glucose checked. I informed the kind nurse that I had gumdrops in the car and would much rather consume those than the sickening sweet drink. She laughed and shot down my brilliant idea. Too bad. Everything looks good with baby. I’m measuring a week small- no biggie. Maybe Mary Grace will just be petite. I’m definitely not opposed to pushing out a petite baby.

Apparently, life is good down in Myrtle Beach. Good times have been had by all, and I can hardly wait to see my boys tomorrow!! Hurry home Matt!

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  1. awww poor chloe, brutus has been on a diet since october and has actually lost about 5 pounds so he is getting there…it just feels like it takes FOREVER! Good Luck

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