It’s unusual for me to become sad about leaving vacation.  Strange, I know.  But by the end of a week away, I’m typically ready and rearing to pack up, ship out, and get my life back to normal.  Not this time, my friends.  We just returned from a week at my parent’s river house, and I practically left kicking and screaming.  Matt and I remarked periodically throughout the week how this was our best vacation yet.  Their house is on the river and on a farm… basically a kid’s paradise (and the picture of perfection for their mother who craves quiet and simplicity).  I took 1.2 million pictures, but I am limiting myself to two posts.  Here’s part one…

Carson’s top priority was fishing.  So cute.  My sweet little introverted boy loves this place.  “It’s quiet here,” he said, “and I really love the quiet.”  Me too, kid.

The river rat herself.  Girlfriend loves the water.  She would spend at least three hours a day in the water and would have to be coaxed back to shore.

My kids’ first experience tubing!  I was a bit nervous about taking Mary Grace… which was augmented by the fact that I heard a man on a nearby boat say, surprised, “they have a baby on there!”  But dude, they both loved it!

Again, I’m not so sure this is normal two year old behavior. 🙂

Carson has really taken to the water this summer.  He’s become an excellent swimmer… and dock-jumper-offer.

Mary Grace and her new BFF who lives up the road from my parents’ place.  My mom mentioned that they can grow up together as “river friends”, sort of like the friends on the movie Beaches.  And then I reminded my mom of the tragically sad ending of Beaches and made her take it back.

I’m not sure how many miles Carson put on this Gator, but if this isn’t the picture of joy, I’m not sure what is.

Early morning golf cart ride with grandad.  And Sugar, the dog.

A happy, naked, bejeweled Mary Grace with her Mimi.

Matt and his boy on the Rappahannock.

More tomorrow… 🙂

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  1. By any chance to your parents know anyone that has a good place on the water to have a wedding ceremony and reception? Right now I’m looking at Tides Inn but was hoping for something a little more laid back. Unfortunately my parents live on Cobbs Creek which has too many trees for a wedding site.

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