About once a year, I wax poetic about “the rivah”.  I talk ad nauseam about how wonderful and peaceful and truly relaxing it is.  I go on and on about how the Northern Neck has quickly become one of my favorite vacation spots ever.  How its beauty is unassuming and yet resplendent and how I never EVER want to leave.

I’ll spare you all of that today.  (Ha.)

A few weekends ago, Mary Grace and I headed to the river for a girls’ weekend before she’s launched into the world of kindergarten.  (I know.)  I bravely stepped back and let Mary Grace call the shots during the course of those few days.  Not surprisingly, this translated to: (1) dead-animal-hunting (read: she started a collection of every dead/decaying sea creature and insect she could get her hands on), (2) a weekend-long possibly-hazardous diet of McDonald’s and Slurpees, and (3) lots of talking.  So much talking.  Bless her chatty little heart, the child never.stopped.talking.


Basically, it was great.  I always love one on one time with the kids, and this was, for sure, a weekend that I’ll always remember.  And the best part?  We didn’t have to mourn our departure because…


alas!  We knew we’d be back a mere FOUR days later with THE WHOLE CREW!  I’m pretty sure our grand arrival disrupts something in the delicate Northern Neck ecosystem.  No really.  I googled “noise pollution” and started feeling a little guilt-ridden.  Regardless, it was all kinds of wonderful.  For us.  Not the rest of the planet.










On one of our last days of vacation, I looked at Matt and informed him, “I’ve officially reached my maximum level of relaxation.  This is as relaxed as I can possibly get.  Just so you know.”  For Matt, few words are more enchanting.  I’m telling you- the place is pure magic.





Sadly, however, the magic had to come to an end.  Upon our arrival home- within moments of setting foot in our house- I looked at Matt again, this time devoid of any relaxation of which I had previously boasted, and I said, “Alright, Matt.  You watch the kids.  It’s GO TIME.”  And I started flying about, maniacally unpacking and washing and scheduling and emailing and allofthethings.  After an entire weekend of this, um,  maybe-not-endearing behavior, I finally collapsed on the couch and sighed, “Ahh.  That’s better.”

Sorry, babe.  Hope you enjoyed the enchantment and magic while it lasted.  There’s always next year.

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  1. From your details and pix, it looks pretty amazing! Where is North Neck? Also, Matt and Blair may want to have MG & Chase spend some time together. He also started kindergarten (year-round) and is obsessed with any creepy crawly or formerly creepy crawly thing he can find!!

    • It was wonderful! The Northern Neck is in VA along the Rappahannock River, Potomac River, and Chesapeake Bay. And we absolutely need to get MG and Chase together soon… they’d be so much fun to watch!

  2. Great pictures…looks like you definitely had fun. Do you think we can convince Carson to wear a little red in support of his 2nd cousin’s school??? We won’t tell Matt…I promise.

    • We’ll have to get some NCSU gear for James! We love State! … just not as much as “that other university” in Durham 😉

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