So, I’ve had a recent epiphany.  Just weeks ago, I decided that actually I really like summer.

This is totally news to me.  Sometimes I get really introspective and make grandiose decisions like this.

But really.  Summers typically seem to drag on.  Historically, I have thrown up my hands two weeks in and prayed for fall to come quickly sohelpmeGod.  Because, the heat.  The little wanna-be-tyrants in my home 24/7.  The general lack of structure and schedule and BLESSED SCHOOL.

This year?  It’s been, dare I say, enjoyable.  Fun.  Sometimes restful, often exhausting.  And it’s flying by.

IMG_3388I attribute this primarily to the fact that my kids are getting older.  We can do things like paddleboat in the open seas (okay, or maybe Lake Wheeler.  whatever.) without kids flying out or flailing around.   It’s really pretty incredible.


Now, before I get too Pollyanna on you, let’s just reflect on this for a minute:


So there’s that.  From, oh you know, just a few hours ago.  I never said this summer has been perfect, you guys.  I mean, this is what I’m dealing with:

IMG_3397 1 Oh hey child of mine who dramatically hung her little bow-topped head to pout over the fact that I wouldn’t allow her into a snake habitat.  Over my refusal to ignore the less-than-subtle DANGER SIGNS.  Because I’m the worst mom ever.  Apparently.

That’s just what we do.  We vacillate between DRAMA:



DRAMA: No, the bonfire didn’t overtake our backyard and burn down our house as I had feared would happen.  Rather, this happened to be the night Matt accidentally knocked three (THREE.) of Carson’s permanent (PERMANENT.) teeth loose (!) with a baseball.  And that in the background, my friends, is Matt’s “crap, I’m in the doghouse” look.  As I said, drama.






And (yes, more) PRECIOUS:


There have been days this summer in which a hefty amount of delusion crept in, and I’ve thought, “Dude.  That’s it.  I need to HOMESCHOOL. We’ll just ride bikes and paddle boats around all the livelong day, and life as we know it will be like SUMMER FOREVER!”

And then, by God’s grace- and for the good of my children’s intellect and futures- I pick up my phone, glance at my most recent texts, and snap back to reality.  And I praise our good Lord above for public school teachers and for the coming fall.