I want this blog to document our entire adoption process, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Up until now, it has only been good. Last night, it got ugly. Really, I am surprised that it took me that long to have a meltdown, and, of course, it was over something stupid. While reading over our dossier manual for the hundredth time, I began to wonder how in the world we would get our doctor’s forms notarized. Most forms can be easily notarized at our bank, but our physician letters are technically supposed to be signed in the presence of our physicians. My wondering turned into freaking out which turned into tears. Matt was utterly confused how to help me, as I was being slightly irrational (who, me??) in my exhausted state.

I still don’t know what we’re going to do. Our good friend in VA has kindly offered her services, but she’s in VA and not NC. I’ve looked into hiring a “mobile notary” to meet us at the various offices, but they charge ridiculous fees. I am open to any and all ideas, but in the meantime I’m going to take deep breaths. And eat twizzlers.

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  1. CHILL OUT! Don't allow yourself to be overcome by the enormity of the total package. This can be self-defeating. One runs a race, one step at a time – one reads "War & Peace, one page at a time – one builds a Taj Mahal, one brick at a time – (as your vegan compatriots will gladly remind you) one eats an elephant, one bite at a time. Take it easy and relax in the knowledge that man plans and God executes. Love y'all!! PawPaw & GrandMa

  2. wow i am impressed with your way with words dad…. btw catherine, you would be amazed where you can find notaries just keep your eyes and ears open


  3. I agree, Pawpaw. Your words were just what I needed to hear today. Thanks for your wisdom.

  4. Can you google who certifies notaries in your area? Could you then figure out from them or get a list of local notaries? I would check with your church too–put out a bulletin! There HAS to be notary in your community and maybe someone who would be interested in giving their services for your good cause! It's not uncommon for secretaries or legal assistants to be notaries…are there any law offices near your work or in the administration at Matt's school?? What about receptionists, or insurance people who work in other medical practices near you??

  5. Just start looking around and asking everyone you know if they are a notary or know of one. That's what we did. I found out that two people in our subdivision were and several of our friends (who knew). It is amazing how many people you find once you start asking around.

  6. Does the Doctor's office have a notary working there? My father is a pediatrician in VA and his office manager is a notary… just a thought? You inspire me!

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