Only a few more steps before we can travel to bring our girl HOME!  You guys have prayed us through the past few years, so let me fill you in on our prayers for this week…

1. Elizabeth’s passport to be made and picked up this week!  The passport paper is no longer an issue, but I think the office is a bit backed up because of that.  I know that God can do this though.

2. Once her passport has been picked up, we’re praying that the embassy would respond quickly to our request for an interview and that it would be scheduled quicker than expected (typically we’re looking at 3-4 weeks out).

3. For Elizabeth’s protection, both emotionally and physically.  Her world has been rocked in the past week and is about to change even more.  I spoke with another couple last night who is headed to her orphanage next week to meet their girls (and to paint the orphanage! how cool!), and I have asked them to love on her and take some pictures.  I’m also going to send them with some pictures of our family to give to Elizabeth to slowly introduce her to our crazy little clan.


We had a 2.5 hour skype call with our facilitating organization last night to go over the nuts and bolts of travel.  There are a lot of nuts and bolts, y’all.  As much as you can have travel to the DRC down to a science, these guys do.  (To protect Elizabeth and our adoption, we’re supposed to keep the info about our organization on the DL until we have her home, but I can’t wait to share more about the work they’re doing throughout DRC.  We are so honored to be going with them!)  Needless to say, this call has us completely amped and ready to go… and has even shaken up what we think we’re going to do about traveling (more on that later).  Lists are being made, mosquito nets are being purchased, shots have been given, and Mary Grace’s old clothes have been dug out of storage.  Guys, we’re getting close!  Keep praying!

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  1. Don’t mind me… just checking in several times a day to get any update that you might put out there.
    Praying for all of you! 🙂

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