Mary Grace,

Happy birthday, princess!  As I sit to write this post, I am at a loss for words.  For how in the world am I to sum your vivacious self up in a few mere words?  But since I don’t want to forget a bit of three year old Mary Grace, I’m gonna take a shot at it.

Girl, you are so hilarious!  You have us rolling in laughter all day.  You love to entertain and bring laughter.  Most recently, you have become our resident joke teller.  “What kind of milk does a brown cow like to drink?” you ask.  (“Chocolate mooooo-k!”)  You sing yourself through the day, from dawn till dusk.  The louder the better is your motto.  You like the music loud, and you like to be loud.

You usually seem pretty laissez faire about most things in life.  Even as a three year old, you are very self-confident, and you are not rattled by much.  However, while you maintain that “whateverrr” attitude about most things in life, when you care about something you really care.  You have mastered the slightly manipulative (albeit Oscar-worthy) “fake cry” way back when; it’s rare that we see real tears, and when we do, we know that it’s serious.  Just a few weeks ago, you were fake-crying in the back seat.  While I tried to ignore your theatrics, you stopped mid-cry and announced, “mommy!  I am still crying!” and started right back.  What?!  More often than tears, it’s the arm-crossing and foot-stomping which is just plain hilarious coming from a little bow-headed three year old.  I pray that, as you grow up, you will use your capacity to feel and act so passionately for God’s glory.

You have lots of friends.  When I drop you off at school, your little 2 and 3 year old friends will shout, “Mary Grace is here!”  And you just waltz right in- nary a hug or “byebye mama” from you- and wave and start your day like you own the place.  I’m afraid you might think you own the world, child.  We’re working on that.

You are the most imaginative little thing, and it is so adorable.  You are constantly “reading” books with insane amounts of enthusiasm and hilarious voice inflections.  Days are filled with playing mama to your babies and stuffed animals, making friends with and caring for dead insects in the backyard (truth. and gross!), and playing princess.  Truth be told, when it comes to play, you are the ring leader of the family… and Carson tends to follow.  This concerns me a bit. 🙂

Mary Grace, you have so many funny little quirks.  I just have to hit a few of them.  You insist on falling asleep on the floor every single night.  (And every single night, I transfer you to your bed once you’re finally asleep.)  And you still bang your head when you are falling asleep… though, you’re doing it less and less.  Oh, and going potty… ha!…. so, anytime you go potty, you demand (a) “I need privacy mommy!  Shut the door!” and (2) books.  This can pose a bit of a problemo in public.

My goodness, you bring so much life and joy to our family.  Even though you have said all week that you don’t want to turn three (at one time, you offered the reason “me like being two!” and then have since said “me want to be 7 or 8!”), I hope you have the happiest birthday ever.  We love you so, so much, baby girl!!

just trying remember your awesome three year old self  this week with my point and shoot.  here, your favorite blankie and “baby deluga” head out with us for our errands.

and, my friends, this is how mary grace came down from her nap this week.  no pants. pink sunglasses. princess stilettos. pure awesomeness.

and sometimes she sleeps. 🙂  i love this picture because it’s so rare that i see mary grace so calm and peaceful.


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  1. Happy Happy Birthday sweet Mary Grace!! Ellie said she misses you—you are certainly made from the same mold (oh I feel for ya Catherine- but it makes life exciting).

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