As most of you know, much of the east coast was hit hard by strong storms and tornadoes over the past few days. North Carolina bore the brunt of much of the crazy weather yesterday where a number of tornadoes tore through Raleigh and surrounding towns. From what I last heard, 22 lives were lost and countless homes were destroyed right here. Only minutes away. It blows my mind.

In light of this massive storm that has come and gone, I echo the musings of others- witnessing the power of weather sure puts me in my place. As the winds raged, rain poured, and lightning flashed all around me, I was struck by my smallness. How could I possibly continue to believe that this life was about me? That the world revolves around me. Or any human being for that matter.

I do not know why children have to die in tornadoes. Why homes and businesses are knocked flat with little hope of recovery. But I do know that as those winds picked up force yesterday, God was no less powerful than the very day he spoke the universe into being. No less good and loving than the day he sent His Son to Golgatha to die for me on the cross. In those harrowing moments yesterday, He was there. Could He have stopped the tornadoes? Of course. Jesus did in that oft-told Sunday School story found in Luke 8:22-25. So, why didn’t he yesterday? I don’t know. He’s God, and I just have to be okay with knowing that there are some things that I will never understand in this life.

As we enter into this Holy Week, I will continue to reflect on this love and power- more specifically, on the love Christ poured out for us on the cross and the power displayed in His resurrection.

So, as the region picks up the pieces left over from the weekend’s storms, I cling to the hope found in the eternity-defining event that we celebrate this week.

To wrap this post up, I cannot recommend this video highly enough. This is the most recent release from one of our worship pastors, Matt Papa, and the lyrics are just. so. rich. Listen to it. And then listen to it again. Soak in the truths and rejoice that “creation resounds the victorious words- It is finished. It is done. To the world salvation comes.”

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  1. Catherine are you sure you aren't going to seminary down there too?? Very powerful video-you are lucky to be in a church of such talent.


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