I have a confession to make. Ever since I moved down here to North Carolina, I have become really annoyed with people who have never heard of my alma mater, William and Mary. Perhaps this is pointing out an area of pride in my life… they don’t call it Tribe Pride for nothing. But seriously, when people get blank looks on their faces when I mention W&M, I want to shake them and say “Hellooo? Did you not know that Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and John Tyler attended this marvelous institution of higher learning?” Thankfully, I manage to restrain myself and often mutter something about it being a “very unique school in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg”. (“Unique” fits The College well- good or bad, there’s no getting around that.)

Well, today I gained a new level of appreciation for Forbes Magazine for ranking W&M the fourth best public college or university in America…. behind only the US Military Academy, the US Air Force Academy, and the US Naval Academy. If we have to fall behind anyone, at least it’s behind the men and women who serve our nation. Thanks, Forbes… and hark upon the gail!!

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  1. i do love the place, EXCEPT for the singing of the school song for thirty minutes during convocation, graduation, etc. can they not get some new lines put to it?

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