Carson Luke,

Two years ago today, the lives of both your mom and dad were completely rocked by your arrival. Your second birthday is a little bittersweet for me, as I think it officially marks the end of your babyhood. It’s not like this should be a big shocker for me, though. Everything about you screams “toddler”! Here are some things we have come to know and love about you over these past two years.

You are an incredibly sweet natured little boy. You’re so very affectionate- freely giving hugs and kisses to anyone. Just this week, you have started to say “it’s okay, sis” when Mary Grace cries. And when you say “nighnigh mama”in that precious little voice of yours, it just melts my heart.

Along with your sweetness comes the fact that you are ultra sensitive, just like your mom and dad. You can cry at the drop of a hat but turn around and start smiling second later.

Just recently, your speech and understanding have shot through the roof. We’re shocked daily at new phrases you say. We have come to learn that you listen to and understand far more of what we’re saying than we ever realized. Oh, and “cool” is definitely your favorite adjective. I’m thinking your parents must use this word too much, so I’m planning on how we can mix it up a bit and start getting you to say “bomb diggity”.

Boy oh boy are you stubborn. Recently, your dad overheard a conversation I had with you that went like this
Me: “Carson, that’s a berry, not a ball.”
Carson: “No, ball!”
Me: “No, buddy. That’s a berry.”
Carson: “No, a ball.”
[this went on for a while]
Me, exacerbated: “Fine, it’s a berry that’s like a ball.”
Carson: “Uh huh”

You always know exactly what you want and are ready and willing to let the world know if you don’t get it. If I bring you your brown shoes instead of your “ball shoes”, your monkey cup instead of your “cool cup”, or make you grilled cheese instead of mac n cheese… watch out.

You’re doing an awesome job at potty training! Even in a full leg cast, accidents are very, very rare. Unless you’re at church… for some reason, you think it’s perfectly kosher to pee in your pants there. At some point, we really need to wean you off of the bribery though. The first thing you say after you use the potty is “treat-peepee!”

You make us laugh so hard, every single day. Whether it is your wild dance moves, those goofy looks you give us, or the funny things you randomly say, you tend to keep our home full of laughter.

Blue is your favorite color.
Duke is your favorite team.
Blues Clues is your favorite show.
You love books, trucks, and balls.
You love cheese, fruit, hot dogs, yogurt, and fried turkey breast from the Food Lion deli counter.

You hate veggies, most meats, and any sort of condiment.

Most days I really wish I could stop time in its tracks, but I suppose I will let you keep on growing up.

We love you so very much, Carson. Happy birthday, buddy!

Your mama