Alright, so I feel like I have been a bit MIA from this blog recently.  And since I know you’re all just chompin’ at the bit to hear all about the thrilling lives of this crazy bunch, enjoy the Cliff Note’s version from youngest to oldest.  Oh, you’re welcome.


Aside from the fact that little miss has another ear infection and tends to be a piece of work when these come about, she continues to be pretty stinkin amazing.  She started going to “school” twice a week when I work and has done absolutely awesome.  Really, I was d.r.e.a.d.i.n.g. this day and was convinced that I was screwing her up forever by sending her to daycare.  I might still be screwing her up in some shape or form, but I sure can’t blame school.  Meanwhile, she was kicked out of (i.e. discharged from) physical therapy today after only one session because she’s already up to speed developmentally.  Unbelievable.

Mary Grace:

“Hot mess” kind of sums her up.  She continues to be the fodder of much laughter… and sometimes a bit of angst… around these parts.  She lives in some parallel universe of imaginative play and carries on full conversations all day long with her babies… stuffed animals… bars of soap.  Yes, soap.  She has named various bars of soap and speaks to them in an affectionate manner.  And now I will go grab my DSM-IV to diagnose my offspring…  No, but really, she’s awesome.  She starts soccer in a few weeks and is amped.  And her current career aspiration?  To be a pirate.  How can you argue with that?


Good gosh, y’all.  I just signed this kid up for KINDERGARTEN.  I mean, he’s ready, I’m ready, we’re all ready for him to go to kindergarten.  But stilllll.  The best part?  He was one of the lucky few names that was drawn in the lottery for our local charter school, and we’re so pumped.  It’s two minutes from my work and has a great reputation… and the kid will start learning Chinese and Spanish at the age of five.  Win/win/win all around.  Meanwhile, he starts tee-ball in a few weeks, and I am a wee bit nervous.  Out here in the quasi-country, people take their baseball seriously.  Matt and I have practically had to sign our lives away in parent sportsmanship wavers for this new tee-ball endeavor.  Not even kidding.  I just need the child to like the sport though because, FOR THE LOVE, I need a break from Legos.  Stat.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year (aka March Madness)…. except for the not-so-wonderful reality that Duke lost in the first round of the ACC tournament.  (Too soon, babe?)  Apparently, it’s also the busiest time of the year, as Matt is coming and going for what seems to be all spring.  Part of his upcoming travels will land him in the Dominican Republic, followed shortly after by a conference in Orlando (which will include his first Disney experience! without me!)… rough life, huh?  When he’s not working his cute little tail off, you can find him on the couch with yours truly, watching our new favorite tv show, Parenthood.  He might be watching it solely to appease me… and if so, God bless the man.  His DVR’ed Criminal Minds make me want to hide under the bed and cry… and my liking of Dance Moms makes him sin in anger… yet this show, featuring all sorts of dysfunctional family drama, makes us feel a little bit, uh, normal.


Well, I’m back to working twice a week… and maybe this sounds completely horrendous… but I’m kinda sorta a little glad.  Y’all, I love staying home with my kids.  I do!  But I also feel like my part-time gig at the office is a good idea for all of us.  I (mostly) love my job, and it (usually) makes me more sane.  This is all good.  On a less-than-ideal note, I officially have a jacked up shoulder (for you fellow nerds out there, we’re talking torn tendon/impingement syndrome/instability) and am doing everything humanly possible to avoid the surgery that has been threatened.  Six to eight weeks with my dominant arm completely immobile?  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Especially when there are stacks of dishes to be washed, as (probably accurately) depicted in Carson’s most recent artwork from school:


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  1. I feel you on the t-ball sportsmanship waivers. We just signed Aidan up and even *he* had to sign the sportsmanship paper. The kid is 4! sheesh.

  2. You may be skeptical, but have you thought of finding a chiropractor. Todd suffers from something very similar and the chiropractor really helps him A LOT. We go to a great guy up here who also has a sports medicine background so he also gives you exercises and stretches to do in addition to his adjustments.

    I go to and I was very very skeptical at first, but chronic back pain that my gp just wanted to treat to with medication had me at the end of my rope!

    • girl, I am skeptical of a lot of things, but I’m also desperate! i’ve even been rubbing frankincense on my shoulder, per the advice of others! thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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