To a control freak such as myself, the thought of trusting loads of hugely important documents to the mail system is a bit unnerving.  Scratch that.  It’s a whole flippin’ lot unnerving.  Let’s review what we have going on today…

1. You know that updated USCIS clearance- the I-171H- I have referred to?  Well, we still don’t have it.  We were able to send our embassy binder without this, but still!  We absolutely positively must have it before our binder is dropped off at the embassy next week.  It was supposedly mailed out of the USCIS office on Monday… but we do also have a history of  a lost check with them… and a history of some USCIS drama with our Rwanda adoption attempt… so I’m freaking just a bit.  Please pray that it arrives today!

2. Our embassy binder is slated to land in Kinshasa today.  I have been tracking it like a crazy person and am happy to say that our paperwork is now in the air somewhere between Belgium and DRC.  Pray that it arrives safe and sound in the right hands in Kinshasa.

3. And meanwhile, our passports and visa applications are en route to NYC and should arrive this morning.  Now, we are cutting it super close with our visas.  Way super close.  Pray that they can work with supersonic speed in processing our visas and overnighting them back to us.


And once again, I am reminded in these circumstances that I am not in control.  Quite literaly, everything is out of my hands today.  If this is what it takes to remind me once again of the Lord’s sovereignty and goodness, then, Lord, have your way.

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