Last week, I spent my mornings as the Vacation Bible School nurse at our church. Who knew there was a need for a VBS nurse? Well, actually the need was somewhat non-existent, but I had fun nonetheless. I had prayed for a calm, injury-free week with the 300+ enrolled kids, and while “calm” would not be the first word I would choose to describe the past week, I thankfully did not have to dip too deep into my reserves of “nurse supplies.” Some of my more exciting “patients” for the week included:

  • Case A: 10 year old female c/o pruritic erythematous papule on right upper extremity. (Translation: a girl had an itchy bug bite and wanted me to do something about it.)
  • Case B: 7 year old female c/o generalized abdominal pain sans nausea or vomiting x 2 hours. (Translation: a girl had a tummy ache after eating icecream and all of the toppings at 9:30 am for the daily VBS “snack”. I would have probably puked myself.)
  • Case C: 9 year old female c/o bilateral otalgia x 2 weeks. (Translation: the poor kid had a horrible ear ache for two weeks. Mom wanted me to do something about it. Mom apparently did not realize that I was recruited by the church to slap bandaids on knees rather than write prescriptions for Amoxicillin.)

All in all, the week was a success, and I realized even more how funny kids can be.