Without a doubt, this past week has been one of the most exhausting weeks in recent memory. Sometimes it felt like a well coordinated football game as Matt and I ran elaborate plays in order to pass Carson back and forth between us, at times also hiking him to his favorite babysitter’s house. (Don’t worry, no children were harmed in this process. Football just so happens to be the analogy that came to mind this morning.) As Matt and I finally, for the first time all week, sat on the couch together last night, he asked my permission to zone out in front of a baseball game and I passed out in 10 minutes flat. Sometimes marriage isn’t the most glamorous thing in the world, but we sure did make a good team this week!

So, as I have already mentioned, Matt taught VBS every night this week and has asked me all week long if I would come with him to the “Family Fun Night” that culminated the week last night. I finally agreed yesterday afternoon, and I’m glad I did. Carson loved watching the kids sing their songs and even clapped for them. Unfortunately, we missed Matt up on stage singing with his class because Carson started crying. We also missed him in the dunking booth because, well, Carson started crying again.

I finally got my new camera, so I tested it out yesterday. So far, so good!We were able to sneak in a jump in the bounce house before the big kids came.

Carson. Loved. It.But it didn’t take long until Wild Child and his preggo mama got way too hot to be outside any longer. I dug into the stash of chocolate covered raisins that were just given to Matt by one of his VBS kids and provided Carson with a makeshift picnic. Hey, raisins are fruit, right?!
This is the look of true bliss after chowing down on a snowcone and polishing off half a bag of chocolate covered raisins. I have only myself to blame for his hyperactivity on the 40 minute drive home.