It’s been a good week.

Sure, my shoulder/arm still hurt like heck from time to time, but duh.  I knew that.  Monday found me at Duke for my first follow up appointment.  My ortho (who I love. love. love.) is super pleased with how I’m healing, and I made it through PT this week sans tears.  Double win.  Also.  ALSO.  I was prescribed sleeping pills to help a girl out.  Because, come to find out, having to sleep in a hugely bulky sling on top of healing incisions doesn’t exactly lend itself to restful nights.  But you know what apparently does?  Sweet, sweet prescription medication.  Sleeping pills are apparently the blessed nectar of God above because I have never in my life slept so soundly.  Gosh, I love modern medicine.

Emotionally, things have also been looking up this week.  Way up.  On top of that elusive and yet just so glorious concept called sleep, I’ve allowed myself to truly rest- and to savor the rest- without feeling overcome with guilt.  Also, shock of all shocks, I’ve learned to welcome help…


This has been good on so many levels.  Level #1: my son has developed a love of vacuuming.  Yes, he might be a mere six years old, but I’m accepting applications for possible suitors.  Because also…


…I’ve been training him in the importance of personal grooming.  Or at least ponytail-doing on slightly dirty second-day hair.  Same thing.  But FO REAL, when was the last time you tried to throw your hair into a seemingly effortless ponytail with one arm?  Never?  Well, let me fill you in.  It can’t happen.  So my six year old helped a girl out.  Sorta.


Like father, like son I guess… because another highlight of my week?  Teaching Matt to wash and detangle Elizabeth’s hair and watching the pure sweetness that ensued.  Next week, I’m teaching him to cornrow.  I’m only being a little facetious.  Because that would be awesome.


Then there was this.  With Matt as my chauffeur to various appointments, I somehow landed at church for a few hours this week while he got some work done.   Not to be outdone in productivity, I took advantage of a quiet office-y setting to knock out some of my continuing ed hours.  I was giddy with excitement while Matt regretted this whole office-share experience more with every passing minute. “This desk job gig is amazing, Matt!  I’m living my dream!” I said with glee.  “You people can just sit here and work and PEE WHEN YOU WANT!  You don’t have needy patients every ten minutes who depend on you for their physical well-being!  You just drink coffee and work and SIT!  At DESKS!  All day long!  It’s so peaceful and luxurious!  This is practically vacation!”  You see him behind me in this picture?  You know, the one trying really stinkin hard to work diligently?  He’s rolling his eyes at me.  You can’t see it.  I didn’t see it.  But he is.  Trust me.

But yes, it’s been a good week.  Before you go thinking we’ve got it all together over here, though, you might wanna think again.

IMG_9829Think again and, well, feel free to send help.  Stat.

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