Some have wondered what these two Allisons think about having a baby sister…


yes, those two.  Well, let’s just say they’re excited.  Really, really excited. Like, insisting on sleeping with a picture of their baby sister every night excited.  I know, right?  Last week, when we were in all-out celebratory mode, I took the  kids to Target and (in a very uncharacteristic for us fashion) took a leap of faith and let them “celebrate our referral” by choosing a toy of their choice.  And the results are oh-so-typical:

Carson with his new Lego set.  He built the thing with zero help from me in no time at all.  As a side note, it is highly amusing to me that my four year old has a fascination with all things Lord of the Rings and Star Wars when (1) he has never viewed either movie, (2) nor have I, and (3) I have always made fun of “those nerds” (i.e. my husband) who like “those kind of things”.

And, out of all of the toys in the many aisles of Target, Mary Grace chose “a ball!  a pink ball!  a really big pink bouncy ball!!”

So, while one child was busy deciphering instructions that even I can’t figure out…

… the other child was rolling around in the dirt like a crazy person….

… and let us not forget her gun habit.  Seriously, this is a bit concerning for me.  Don’t tell the DRC.