Earlier this fall, I came up with a brilliant plan.  In an effort to save some money on Christmas card pictures of the kids, we’d pull a little DIY stunt.  I’d take the pictures of the kids myself!  (With my cheap point and shoot camera, no less!)  We’d have them effortlessly strike some poses with cutesy backdrops in coordinating outfits.  They’d smile and be jolly and we’d walk away with professional grade pictures!  For FREE!  Matt played along with the idea (because he’s a saint you guys. a flippin’ saint.) and gave the kids a little “hey kids, I know this seems ridiculous, but it’s kind of important to mom. and what mom says goes. so smile and let’s get ‘er done” pep talk.  So we got ’em dressed and got ‘er done.

Sort of.


First, we headed to get the slightly overdone but still kind of quaint (in an OMG what if my kids get hit by a TRAIN today?! way) railroad tracks shot.  Carson’s look of “alright, so my ‘rents have finally lost it” says it all.

IMG_2351 1

Or maybe it’s Elizabeth’s look of utter disdain in this shot that better summarizes the precarious train track experience.  Suffice it to say, we quickly hightailed it out of the “No Trespassing Allowed” zone into safer territory.

IMG_2376 1

Clearly, this went a lot better.  Clearly.  At this point, I was certain that I would never mail out another Christmas card ever again.  Never ever.  It was also at this point that Matt started muttering something about me being a bossy photographer.  Whatev.

IMG_2369 1

Okay, pause.  This kid.  I can’t even…

IMG_2377 1

This one totally captures the essence of Elizabeth.  Confidently charging through life with hands in pockets and a look of determination on her face.


 I have no clue how many times I yelled to the kids that I needed one picture! just one picture! fortheloveofitall, smile for JUST ONE PICTURE!  These two humored me and smiled for approximately one picture each.  Or maybe three.  But probably closer to one.

IMG_2428 1

Okay, so my stint as a photographer was short-lived, only moderately successful, and probably will never happen again, BUT it wasn’t a complete and utter failure…


…I mean, check out this gem.  Carson’s just over.it.  Elizabeth is enjoying the limelight.  And Mary Grace?  In her own fantasy world per usual.  Pretty typical.

IMG_2358 1

So, to those of you who might receive the 2013 Allison Family Christmas Card this year, enjoy it.  Laminate it.  Frame it.  Because seriously, it may never happen again.