When the grandparents come to town, a few things happen:

1. Sugar, in the form of Peeps, Twizzlers, and jelly beans, flows through all of our veins.
2. Elaborate Lego play sets are purchased at yard sales… followed by parents of a stoked little boy cursing said Lego play set while sorting through a million small pieces and instruction manuals.
3. Licensed character sleepwear is purchased for a Dora-obsessed little girl, despite her mother’s personal moral conviction against licensed character anything-wearable.

4. Fun is had by all. Except at nighttime when my parents discover, once again, that it’s not an easy feat to squeeze two adults and a supersized yellow lab into our twin guest bed. Sorry, mom and dad! Thanks for the visit, mom and dad, and hope y’all have caught up on rest over the past week!

5 Comments on when the grandparents come to town

  1. how did i remove my own comment? just wanted you to know how happy i was to pull up those little faces this morning!

  2. So fun! Hope the detox is going well šŸ˜‰
    We do character wear on jammies and undies and that is it. I just can't handle more than that.

  3. Libby, the Spiderman "castle" is by Lego's evil stepson, Mega Blocks. It is pretty cool though, and Carson loves it.

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